Sundance Chihuahuas

about me

I'm Kay, owner, fancier and breeder of the Chihuahua.

I've been in the ‘dog’ world for over 40 years and have owned the Chihuahua since 2006.

I've trained and competed in a few dog sports with another breed since 2007.

I've recently retired as an Emergency Veterinary Nurse of 30 years, which gives me more time to focus on getting back into a fun dog sport with my Chihuahuas.



Responsible Breeding
what kind of breeder am I...

When I step outside the box and think about all of the breeder's  that I've encountered, researched, and spoken with, there are only a few that I feel have what it takes to be a responsible breeder. 

So when I decide, “What kind of breeder do I want to be,” it is so clear to me that I want to be the kind that breeds to AKC Standard, along with having stable temperaments and promoting Genetic Health Testing.

Breeding isn't just a Hobby…

 “It's a commitment!”